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Aston, PA

GRanted specializes in the latest selection of pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories. Genuine leather boots, shoes, and apparel are available in select stores and online.

GRanted Apparel launched November 2016, by fashionista-merchandiser, Lorraine Reed-Grant. Growing up in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Lorraine’s love for style would grow tremendously throughout the years and become embedded as her parents adorned her in the latest embellishments of New York City.

GRanted first appeared on New York’s Channel a feature for holiday looks, and would quickly become a top pick amongst consumers. With only two years in the industry, GRanted Apparel would land one of its biggest deals to date with Macy’s stores, selling out of Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. Locations in PA and NY will be opening at the end of 2019. GRanted Has also b

GRanted Apparel not only reflects this era’s fashion trends, but helps shape it by giving every consumer the freedom to express themselves through clothing and accessories. Every product of the brand incorporates our unique vision and attitude. It’s a lifestyle.

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Granted Apparel - Carla Top

Granted Apparel - Carla Top


Granted Apparel - Feather Top

Granted Apparel - Feather Top

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